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two that made me laugh aloud.
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suzanami wrote in ac_lol_quotes
I've been playing for two years and I've never overheard either of these before!

BOB: But I don't have a pool at my house! Do you think Tom Nook would dig one for me, narf?
TEDDY: Dig you a pool?! HAH! He's way too flabby to dig a pit that deep! But I guess that's what makes Nook kinda charming, fo shizzle.
BOB: Yeah... You know what I think makes him so charming? His fluffy tail. Not that I stare at it all the time, huh huh huh. *laugh*

oh, my...

and this one completely unravels:

ELVIS: Teddy! Yeah, you! You don't just eat meat, do you? Eh, babydoll? You gotta eat some veggies, man! If you don't, you'll get all alkaline inside!
TEDDY: Alkaline... Yikes. What happens then, fo shizzle?
ELVIS: Huh? Uh... Yeah, ummm... That's... Yeah. I was flipping through this magazine and just read this headline about it. I didn't actually read the article...
TEDDY: Petite D, do you know what this alkaline is all about?
DUSTY: Of course!
ELVIS: Oh. Yeah, Petite D, you're a pencil-neck. Scrawny, even! That makes it easier for you to remember nerdy stuff like that. You put a hand under your chin to catch crumbs when you're eating a cookie, eh? People like that make me furious, babydoll! *shudders*
TEDDY: Ahahahaha! I totally go nuts on cookies and spill crumbs all over the place! I'm craaaaazy like that! When I'm done eating, it's like there was an explosion!
ELVIS: Whoa there... You're kinda scaring me.

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I've been playing for over 3 years and hadn't seen that first one before. I think I did encounter the alkaline one once or twice, but not with the second half about the crumbs.

It's so cool that there are still surprises to be found.

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