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Calories:  7
Sugar:  0 mg
Vitamin C:  100 mg
Fiber:  50 mg

Take 2 Tablet a day

seriously though guys, Animal Crossing deals personally and realistically with my real life, it's freaking bizarre
like this one, I've been lacking proper vitamins lately causing problems, and then I get this?

Funnies from MANiA and The Doj.
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Sometimes I play with my second character in Bentley, Jerry. He locks in characters I don't want to move, so I only play him every once in a while. He hasn't been around for months and Whitney asked what kept him away this time and suggested a Green Tea Study? A Chiffon Cake study? And then she adds:

Whitney: Chiffon cake research is my area of expertise, you know.

Whut lol.


ETA: Whitney also has some wisdom for Jerry today.

Whitney: Today, Jerry, I'll tell you the difference between love and affection!

Jerry: Please tell me!

Whitney: OK, I'll put it into terms you can understand. Say love is java and affection is baklava. If I were thirsty, which would I pick? See, no matter how much baklava I ate, it wouldn't quench my thirst. I'd rather have a lot of java. Or... java. Remember that, gyarr!

Kid Cat
Kid Cat asked me whether I liked Pelly or Phyllis better. I told him Phyllis. He said he thought she was the sort of woman who, if you had a bug on your face, would slap it off. He then said, "I think I'm in love!" and walked off whistling.


Fortune telling Anabelle
Anabelle is currently obsessed with fortune telling. She read Peety's fortune and declared her lucky food of the day to be:

"Artificially flavored seafood pasta! Yay! If you're feeling down, just dance the badminton dance! Whoa...I'm not even making sense!"

I love it that the game comes up with stuff like this even after a couple of years of playing.

::exits stage left, doing the badminton dance::

Only A Couple.
I have two! I never walk in on the good stuff. T.T

'Bucko! Guess what? I've TOTALLY decided to become a mermaid! Yaaay! Mermaids are AWESOME!' -From Tangy. A cat.

This one is from my Wild World town.

Static: 'Hey, Drake. Did you say something just now?'
Drake: 'Yeah. . . can you tie 'em?'
Static: 'No, before that.'
Drake: 'Your shoes! Can you tie them yourself?'
Static: 'No, before THAT!'
Drake: 'Ummm. . . I think I said, Hey old man! Can you even tie your own shoes?'
Static: 'You said WHAT?! Mudblood!'
Drake: 'Oh, no! I was just. . . uh. . kidding. Haha. . . ha. Funny, right?'
Static: 'Drake! Who are you calling old man? You're the one that naps all day like a snoozy old geezer, mudblood! And I'm still young, mudblood! You hear that? And, you moron, I'm not even wearing any shoes in the first place! I know you're a sleepy guy and asking you to think is a bit of a stretch. . . but do yourself a favor and think before you make a fool out of yourself!'
Drake: Yeah, yeah. . . I heard you, old man! O-hoooo!'
Static: '. . . . (someday I'm gonna snap)'

I've never seen an animal go on such a tangent before. XD I'd love to see Static snap. I love him to bits, so I'd probably help.

Friga found someone's old diary. She offered to show me a page from it. You get to choose from page 1 to page 1000. I picked page 1000. It said: "The End". Friga said, "Who writes The End in their diary?".

The Doj Lacks Humor
I swear. My townies are not funny. Or if they are, it's rare. D: So I bring two quotes I've been trying to save up for a bigger post. . . but oh well.

'Puck says my place smells like a wolly mammoth in a sweat lodge, pyon pyon!' -Roald
That's just gross. D:

'Is it weird if I hug my new furniture, brrrrr?' -Puck
I just bought him some new blue furniture and he was so happy!.

Cyrano and Tiffany about fruit
Hamlet LJ
Cyrano: Hey Tiffany, did you know that clothes aren't the only thing that matters? It's the insides that count. You have to eat a lot of green stuff to make your insides pretty.
Tiffany: ...So you think that I don't know how to take care of myself, is that it? If you're concerned that I don't eat enough healthy things, don't be. I eat plenty of, well, fresh fruits for example, bunbun.
Cyrano: ...Like coconuts?
Tiffany: Why coconuts? I hate coconuts. They are always landing on my head. Hmm, what fruit do I like? Let me think... Pears, bunbun! Hey Heather, are you into pears?
ME (Heather): I love em.
Tiffany: Ha, I knew it, bunbun. Because your head is kind of shaped like a pear.
Cyrano: Ugh, pears, why does everyone have to like pears? Pears are so freakish, how could you ever eat one? .....OH NO! It's the invasion of the pear people! Aggghhh! ....Aggghhh, baaaffo!
Tiffany: .....
Cyrano: Hey, the wind is picking up... it's getting kind of cold out.
Tiffany: It's freeeeeezing out here! My earrings are like little icicles... bunbun!

Dear Friga,
I will make you with child, and then steal your milk as it lies in the corner, screaming as it withers.
From Qpiine

did you know the letters you write to your townies stay with them when they move?


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