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Chevre & Elvis
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suzanami wrote in ac_lol_quotes

Chevre: I'm not so good at remembering names, so I use colors instead. See, I just think up a color that describes what kind of personality you have. Then, I just remember you as, like, Green Dusty! Or Purple Chevre!
Elvis: Huh. You don't say? That's really freakish! So, uh, should I even ask what color I am? Come on, out with it, Chevre!
Chevre: Elvis, you are...
Elvis: Hey, wait a sec! Are you gonna tell me it's black?! Come on, that's so obvious! *fumes* I used to think the same thing until I went to see this color coordinator. He told me I'm an autumn. He says my power color is burnt umber. I gotta say... I, for one, think he's on to something! But what were you going to say?
Chevre: Black? That's such a sad color for you, Elvis! No, I think of you as a... Wait, no! You really are a burnt umber! I can't believe I never saw it before!
Elvis: Yeah, this guy's pretty good, isn't he? I can give you his number if you want.
Chevre: Yeah, I mean, I was going to say black at first, but he's totally got you pegged. What you need is a little color to bring out your inner warmth.
Elvis: I've got inner warmth? No one's ever told me that before! Thanks! I have ZERO idea what you're talking about, but it sounds cool, babydoll!

(I agree on the Burnt Umber thing but, sorry, Chevre... to me you'll always be Blue.)


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