Tortimer's Favorite Food:
Paris Hotaru
So, Derwin just asked me if I wanted to hear a "scary story," and then he told me that the mayor's favorite food is Peking Duck. Poor thing ♥.

Chevre & Elvis
→ d e f a u l t

Chevre: I'm not so good at remembering names, so I use colors instead. See, I just think up a color that describes what kind of personality you have. Then, I just remember you as, like, Green Dusty! Or Purple Chevre!
Elvis: Huh. You don't say? That's really freakish! So, uh, should I even ask what color I am? Come on, out with it, Chevre!
Chevre: Elvis, you are...
Elvis: Hey, wait a sec! Are you gonna tell me it's black?! Come on, that's so obvious! *fumes* I used to think the same thing until I went to see this color coordinator. He told me I'm an autumn. He says my power color is burnt umber. I gotta say... I, for one, think he's on to something! But what were you going to say?
Chevre: Black? That's such a sad color for you, Elvis! No, I think of you as a... Wait, no! You really are a burnt umber! I can't believe I never saw it before!
Elvis: Yeah, this guy's pretty good, isn't he? I can give you his number if you want.
Chevre: Yeah, I mean, I was going to say black at first, but he's totally got you pegged. What you need is a little color to bring out your inner warmth.
Elvis: I've got inner warmth? No one's ever told me that before! Thanks! I have ZERO idea what you're talking about, but it sounds cool, babydoll!

(I agree on the Burnt Umber thing but, sorry, Chevre... to me you'll always be Blue.)

two that made me laugh aloud.
→ d e f a u l t
I've been playing for two years and I've never overheard either of these before!

BOB: But I don't have a pool at my house! Do you think Tom Nook would dig one for me, narf?
TEDDY: Dig you a pool?! HAH! He's way too flabby to dig a pit that deep! But I guess that's what makes Nook kinda charming, fo shizzle.
BOB: Yeah... You know what I think makes him so charming? His fluffy tail. Not that I stare at it all the time, huh huh huh. *laugh*

oh, my...

and this one completely unravels:

ELVIS: Teddy! Yeah, you! You don't just eat meat, do you? Eh, babydoll? You gotta eat some veggies, man! If you don't, you'll get all alkaline inside!
TEDDY: Alkaline... Yikes. What happens then, fo shizzle?
ELVIS: Huh? Uh... Yeah, ummm... That's... Yeah. I was flipping through this magazine and just read this headline about it. I didn't actually read the article...
TEDDY: Petite D, do you know what this alkaline is all about?
DUSTY: Of course!
ELVIS: Oh. Yeah, Petite D, you're a pencil-neck. Scrawny, even! That makes it easier for you to remember nerdy stuff like that. You put a hand under your chin to catch crumbs when you're eating a cookie, eh? People like that make me furious, babydoll! *shudders*
TEDDY: Ahahahaha! I totally go nuts on cookies and spill crumbs all over the place! I'm craaaaazy like that! When I'm done eating, it's like there was an explosion!
ELVIS: Whoa there... You're kinda scaring me.

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"When you live in the ocean, the surf's always up.

Contemplate that, maaaan." --Pascal

reply from a letter
so, I wrote to Gwen, one of my favorite townies saying "Don't ever move! I love you!"
realizing that they can't really reply with anything even relevant to what you write,

she wrote back and said
"Oh, wise little <3Roxanna,

All I can think of now is your moon face.
I'm all about cheesecake!

From Gwen"

lol, what?
Animal Crossing is by far the most random game ever with their text, and this is why I love it!

what's your favorite letter you've received?

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*pokes community*

Curt: Heh heh! Forgetting about a gift is like forgetting to breathe!

Not so much, Curt.

pitfall oh nos
purple necklace of flowers purple uni
you frown for sec when finally get out of hole.

When Peety refused to hear the nickname Yuka wanted to slap on her, Yuka said she was the mortal enemy of fun.

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→ d e f a u l t
Teddy & Elvis discuss music, Elvis has coronary.Collapse )

I think Elvis' face in the last panel really makes it.

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Thought I'd share some 'funny' quotes since I haven't done so in a while.

~ 'I think I'm gonna hurl. A bunny shirt? Does it get any worse? I just can't be friends with anyone with taste that bad, mudblood. Crazy K, give Peanut a message for me, will ya? Tell that animal that I'd look like a chump if I wore this nasty thing!' -Static

~ 'Hey, honeybun, have you ever heard of the fish called a frog?' -Roald (This just sounded hilarious to me.)


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